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A big part of the mission for Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is to inspire and motivate children to achieve their full potential in the fields of science, technology, engineering and medicine. To achieve that goal, MSI has created access to science and science education far beyond the museum walls, out into over 100 communities in Chicago and the metro area. These after school science education programs offer an opportunity for hands-on learning, reaching children wherever they are with quality science education and providing a catalyst for further curiosity and exploration in STEM-related fields. Picture Show was called upon to showcase these community initiatives, in terms of both the curriculum and, more importantly, the emotional appeal of needing to nurture and grow the program to reach even more children within the community. The "MSI Community" short film debuted at their signature fundraising event, the Columbian Ball, and helped MSI to exceed their fundraising goal for the evening. Furthermore, the film continues to be exhibited by the museum to bring life to the need and mission of MSI's community science initiatives.

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