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Mercedes-Benz wanted their Certified Collision Centers to increase the use of CollisionLinkĀ®, a software solution that gives dealers the ability to increase wholesale original equipment parts sales. Mercedes needed get buy-in from skeptical parts managers who were wary of whether the time and expense of integrating new software into their estimating and purchasing system would be worth the benefit CollisionLink may provide. Knowing that a top-down approach to marketing the software would not resonate with the behind-the-counter managers, Picture Show lead a creative approach that leveraged the insights of a handful of early adopters within Mercedes-Benz. The Parts Managers, Advisors and Service Directors who had integrated CollisionLink and experienced its benefits would be speaking directly to their peers in a frank, unscripted manner, detailing not only the advantages of the CollisionLink product, but, more importantly, sharing their own stories of initial skepticism of integrating the software. The resulting video campaign debuted at the Mercedes-Benz National Parts and Sales convention and continues to be exhibited at industry events. The skepticism-to-success stories are a key component in the campaign that has made CollisionLink the #1 preferred OEM electronic parts solution for Mercedes-Benz.

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