Picture Show excels at working in unscripted, documentary-style environments. We seek to make small stories universal, and the larger-than-life stories deeply personal.

  • Jamie Fleischel

    Executive Producer | Director

    Jamie decided he wanted to pursue a career in production after spending five weeks in a van, on tour with an American band in Europe. His only possessions the trip were a couple changes of clothes and a Hi-8 video camera that his parents had just given him for Christmas. To the chagrin of his traveling companions, Jamie shot several hours of footage on the trip. Upon returning home, he used that footage to begin the process of learning how to edit, becoming somewhat obsessed with making movies in the process.

  • Matt Leonard

    Executive Producer | Director

    Matt Leonard began his creative trajectory at a young age when he submitted a video instead of a book report for Mrs. Lincoln’s eighth grade class. Despite dubiously casting himself as a ferocious boxer, the video earned him an “A”, which caused Matt to correctly predict that making these little movies would help him get out of writing papers for years to come. After graduating from Providence College, Matt taught acting classes, teaching newcomers how to be comfortable in front of an audience as well as a camera.